The contents of ASC using terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms of Use” below constitutes a legally binding service contract between us - ASC JSC with users. When users use an ASC application, it means that the users have accepted and complied with those Terms of Use. Users are responsible for reviewing and carefully reading the content of the Terms of Use. Should users do not agree with those Terms of use, they should terminate using the application.


ASC is a software supporting education, providing services to connect people and simultaneously developing utility of the community. Accordingly, Users can download ASC applications to connect with educational units using software produced by ASC, to access personal information / public information pages during the learning process. Additionally, the user is connected to the applications that ASC links to use utilities that application offers.


This Terms of Use applies to services of ASC software officially running on server infrastructure of "ASC Corporation" and ASC application. ASC maintains the website "" and sub-domains as a service to Users. By using the website / application and any services here, the User has accepted and agreed to complied with this Terms of Use. Besides, when using specific services that ASC provides, the User must comply with the separate terms and conditions applicable to that service from time to time.


ASC may change and adjust the Terms of Use without prior notice. The modification will take effect as soon as it is updated on the ASC application. Users should regularly check for these updates. Continued use of the application constitutes consent to such changed content. By accepting the Terms of Use, the Users guarantees that his/her has the right and the capacity to use the Service and enter into a contractual agreement.


During the registration process, the User is obliged to provide complete, truthful and accurate information used to register his / her account according to ASC's standards. In case of the detection of any inaccurate or untruthful information, we reserve the right to temporarily suspend or suspend the use of the User's account without notice and without any liability. The Users are solely responsible for the security and use of his /her account, do not use another User's account, or do not share his/her account information with anyone. In any event, the User will be responsible for all actions related to the use of his password and account on ASC. Should the Users detect the unauthorized use of your account, the Users can contact us for support.


1. Registered users have the right to use all the functions provided by ASC.
2. Read, understand, and comply with regulations, instructions and these Terms of Use before using.
3. Use the service information provided by ASC for proper uses.
4. Comply with the laws and regulations relating to registration and use of the app.
5. Keep his/ her account password or any identification method we provide to access the app secure and confidential.
6. Update and keep track of information, notices, regulations and instructions on using the application by methods such as: (i) update version on the application; (ii) documentation; (iii) notices and instructions via email, text messages; (iv) other methods according to our regulations from time to time.
7. Do not copy, or distribute software or other content without our written permission
8. Cooperate and provide necessary information as per our request in accordance with the law.
9. Pay the full cost before users use any paid services.
10. Comply with other obligations under the provisions of the Company and the provisions of the law.


1. Reserving all rights, intellectual property rights and related interests in ASC software/ applications.
2. Comply with the provisions of law related to the service provision.
3. Ensure the correct and complete provision of services to the Users as agreed upon.
4. Provide customers with manual, support and responses to customers’ questions and complaints related to the application.
5. Secure the User’s information stored at the Company, except for the case of providing information in accordance with the laws.
6. Lock / suspend / terminate / reject the transaction; suspending the service or locking the User’s login function in the process of using the application without prior notice when the following events occur:
- Suspension of service for system updates and maintenance.
- When detecting the User violates any content in these Terms of Use, the application use regulations issued by the service provider and the relevant law provisions;
- In accordance with the decision and / or request of the authorized governmental bodies.
7. Collect and store information such as statistics of access history, personal information provided to us upon registration, personal information provided by the User includes but is not limited to by name, date of birth, phone number, email address, permanent address, service address, etc. We reserve the right to use this information and the content that users create / share on the planning, research, management, monitoring, consultation and support between us and the Users and / or used for the purpose of advertising, introducing products or services to users or providing information for authorized subdivisions and organizations as provided for by law or the Court.
8. Not take the responsibility for any dispute between the User and a Third party (if any) arising out of or relating to transactions performed not through the application.
9. Change documents related to services, changing / adjusting information on screen interface, service functions at any time without prior notice to customers.
10. When upgrade and develop services, we are allowed to add, provide additional service utilities to Users without notice or requiring users to register for additional services.
11. Reserve other rights as stipulated by the Company and law.


We commit to provide the best service and make attempt to minimize the potential technical risks to the User; We are not responsible for the risks and damages caused by:
1. Malfunction of hardware or software system includes not working or not functioning properly due to force majeure factors such as floods, fires, natural disasters, electric shock, natural damage;
2. The risk of network system shutdown due to the fault of the Internet line, mobile phone network ... of the service provider having technical problems or overload;
3. The system may be infected with viruses, hacked or affected by incidents beyond our control, which may delay information exchange; 4. The identification may be mistaken or incorrect because the User identification information (username, password, phone number, email address) is appropriated by a third party by illegal means.
The user will be responsible for decisions related to a Third party products and services introduced through the ASC application. Customer disclaims Us from any liability, claim, cause of prosecution, or damages resulting from the use of the service, software and /or application or in any way related. to a Third party referred to through our services, software and /or applications.


1. This Terms of Use is governed by the laws of Vietnam.
2. In the course of implementation, if a dispute arises, the two parties will actively settle it on the basis of negotiation and conciliation. In case of failure to resolve, disputes will be referred to a competent court in accordance with law for settlement, unless otherwise provided by law.


1. The matters not yet specified in this Terms of Use will be implemented in accordance with provisions of laws, guidance of authorized governmental bodies and/or other effective commitments/ agreements between parties
2. The Users have read, understood, agreed and committed to comply with these regulations.
3. These terms and conditions come into force from the day on which the User registers and uses our application / software services.